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The Inventor (The Legend Chronicles 0.5) ~ Theresa Meyers


Sir Turlock is one of the best Inventors in England. Currently, he is showing his invention to the Queen in hopes of invited to become one of the scientist who work for the kingdom.
Lady Hargrieve is not your typical “lady” of the times. She loves to tinker with anything she can get her hands on. Her father allows this only to get the knowledge she discovers about each scientist & their work.
A short but sweet love story between two like minded individuals. One of true love that you can see from the start.

But being apart of the world where things are not exactly what they appear … that always changes things, right? Lady Hargrieve’s family is part of the Hunter’s, and she holds the something of value. She is hunted because of it.
In the end, Sir Turlock must choose her safety over his desires. Her safety over his love. Which is better? Or are they safer together?


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