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The Remaining ~ DJ Molles


Men assigned to special assignment. Catch … no attachments. No wife, no kids, no family basically. Duty is to live, when notified, to live in a shelter below their homes. Homes built to survive most attacks, bunkers that look like homes, with secret bunkers hide below them.bunkers

Only this time, the threat is real.  This threat is one they didn’t tell the squad about, a bacteria that turns humans in to “hyper-aggressive predators.” One that was released to destroy the world by a fool, who thought his “type” would live.

Now, our MC Capt. Lee Harden (US Army) must decide to enter the world to stay in the bunker.

There are a few funny mess ups here & there but the book is decent & it makes you wonder if we actually had a zombie apocalypse if it would be anything like this. Half way though you end up comparing this book to what you have seen on watching on Walking Dead (I love that show). It makes you really think & wonder with a lot of “what if?”

This is a great story to read. It will give you some ideas to consider but most of all it is one damn good read. I cannot wait to read book two.


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