Autumn (Autumn #1) ~ David Moody


One day the people of the world simply die. Some for no reason at all. Others from the accidents caused by those who died in pain & agony. But there are some who are left … and how they survive this all depends what they are willing to do or try.

Not once does Mr. Moody use the word Zombie. You do not have your Walking Dead creatures. The undead in this book are quite a bit different than what you would find in Walking Dead or Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (or books similar to those). And who doesn’t like a great kick arse survivor like Daryl?
When the dead to begin getting up & moving, it is just in what ever direction they are facing. You can actually walk up to them & move them around without fear of getting bitten or harmed. You are able to find shelter without worrying if they will “discover” your location. You are able to move & gather supplies without worrying if they will attack you.

Mr. Moody writes about a world that is devastated. Destroyed because of the accidents the deaths cause … from planes or vehicles crashing & causing fires to the terrifying fear & guilt the survivors have. A world without power, low food supplies & the undead changing gradually over time.
He writes about different reactions to this devastation. From fear & shock to survival instinct; terror to a type of determination … he uses the characters to give you different views on how humankind might react.

I did not find this book like most books that have the dead rising (Zombies). Instead of brain-eating or flesh-craving beings, these dead change over time. From corpses laying on the ground or sitting in vehicles into something a bit more disturbing as time drags on for the survivors.
Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Daryl survive in a world filled with or kill Zombies (& his friends attempting to live in a Zombie filled planet). But sadly, that describes most books or movies with containing Zombies. It’s actually nice to come across a different style of writing or view.
I was hooked on the Autumn series before getting to the middle of book #1 & I am currently reading #3. (My Mom loved to read & this is just one of the series of books she left us.)

Keep in mind there are some sections of this book that just seem like it is just dragging on & on. But you will find those boring parts are necessary … even if you find yourself considering speed reading through them, don’t. You might miss something, causing you later to back track. Mr. Moody has a reason for putting that info in the book, you just have to read to discover it’s purpose.

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